About Cate

My background includes being a practicing RN for almost twenty years, Certified Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse, hypnotherapist, deacon and now licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Having long ago recognized the mind body connection related to healing and remaining healthy, I use a combination of my background including guided imagery into my treatments. I am fortunate to have seen excellent results in helping patients get relief from pain that often has been severe and chronic, including giving relief to those with AIDS I have worked with who suffer greatly, particularly as a result of the side effects of their earlier pharmaceutical treatments. My ministry as a deacon also included working extensively with persons afflicted with AIDS.

In this current chapter of my healer's journey, I graduated from The Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in May, 2004 with my Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine, and am currently practicing as a Board Certified, Diplomate in Acupuncture.